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We know the importance of meaning what we say, and we pride ourselves in our transparency. Staying true to our word, we have introduced Retraced to our entire range. You can now follow the journey of our products from stage one: our garment factories. From fibre to finished product, you are now able to track the journey of every our garment.

So, what you see, really is what you get.

Retraced offers innovative technology to help consumers make responsible decisions when they shop by mapping out a brand’s supply chain with no room for greenwashing. Integrating Retraced allows us to streamline our supply chain, monitor sustainability, locate risks, and ultimately give our consumers the confidence to shop sustainably.

Transparency - RetracedTransparency - Retraced
Afends Transparency - Retraced
Afends Transparency - Retraced
Afends Transparency - Retraced
Afends Transparency - Retraced


Select your favourite product from our denim range or any product from S1'23, and with a simple tap, you can unlock every fact about the products journey through the supply chain, from fibre to finished product.

We’ve started our retraced journey with denim to clean up its dirty reputation as the most unsustainable product in the fashion industry, but denim was just the beginning. Today, we want to introduce you to our manufacturers who bring our sustainable products to life. Our manufacturers are regularly audited and adhere to a range of certifications surrounding social compliance, ethics and sustainable sourcing.

We will be integrating Retraced across our entire range, so stay tuned, and soon you will be able to track the complete process of all your favourite Afends threads.


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