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We have teamed up with Jeanologia® to develop a low impact washing and finishing method for our entire denim program.

"Currently five billion pairs of jeans are produced every year. To produce these, about 420 million m3 of water and 900,000 tons of chemicals are used and over 2 million people are exposed to techniques that are detrimental to their health."
- Carmen Silla, Director of Marketing & Communications at Jeanologia. 

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 Where science meets fashion, Spanish-based company Jeanologia®'s mission is to create an ethical, sustainable and eco-efficient textile and apparel industry by offering sustainable textile finishing solutions. Their #missionzero goal is to eliminate 100% of waste and pollution in every pair of jeans globally by 2025.

Afends denim adopts Jeanologia®'s e-flow, laser and ozone technology to dye, distress and wash our denim while eliminating the use of toxic chemicals and water-intensive washing. Crafted from premium, eco-friendly and durable hemp and organic cotton, Afends denim is easy on you and the planet.


The most sustainable process to transfer wash recipes onto our denim. 

Jeanologia®'s e-flow technology utilises nanobubbles of air from the atmosphere instead of water to act as a carrier to transfer wash recipes onto our denim. This process ensures the correct amount of chemicals stays in the denim rather than entering the water and saves 95% percent of water, 90% of chemicals and 40% of enegery per garment. 


The least harmful way to distress our jeans and give them character. 

Jeanologia®'s laser marking technology uses heat to evaporate the indigo dye in denim fabrications by turning it from a solid to a gas form. This process distresses our denim to replicate a vintage aesthetic while eliminating the use of toxic chemicals and the harmful impacts on the planet and the people involved. 


The most environmentally friendly wash solution for finishing our denim. 

Jeanologia®'s G2 technology uses air from the atmosphere to generate ozone and treat our denim by reacting with fibre dyes, acting as the most sustainable oxidising agent available. This process achieves a worn-in look for our entire denim range while saving 65% of water, 80% of chemicals and 20% of energy per garment.

By adopting Jeanologia®'s disruptive and revolutionary textile finishing technologies, we have achieved a low-impact washing and finishing method for our entire range of jeans, shorts, jumpsuits and dresses across our hemp denim and organic denim collections. Discover our men's and women's sustainable denim offering. 

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