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A Day in the Life: Manon Pouget

A Day in the Life: Manon Pouget



We’ve been a fan of Manon Pouget for a while: local Byron grom lord, funny as hell and rips on all lengths of water craft. We caught up with Manon to relive what it’s like in that honeymoon period after high school; where you can just drive around, surf and eat sushi.

“Hi, my name is Manon Pouget and I'm 18 years old. I was born in the south of France but moved over to Australia, Byron Bay with my family when I was 1. I've been a beach baby my whole life. We would just go to the beach every weekend with my family and set up camp. I think we're looking at like seven years surfing, but yeah nah(?), you know,, let ‘em down easy but, ya know.

My spot at the moment is It Sushi. It's really cheap and I'm making my way through the entire cabinet; so always something different.. um after I get my food. I normally like to go perch up somewhere like main beach or wreck. There's always something happening, so it makes it pretty entertaining. The other day I was literally sitting down and this guy came up and set up a whole DJ deck next to me. And before I knew it, there was a whole crowd of people dancing around me. So it's always entertaining and makes for a good sitting.”


Manon Wears...

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