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Sustainability through innovation, action and positive change. Be defined by what you create, not what you destroy.

Hemp Revolution.

The youth are the future and we feel it’s important for Afends to be a role model in sustainable practices. We’ve spent years researching hemp, our favourite eco-friendly fabric alternative that’s been dismissed due to outdated propaganda.


Cultivating Change.

From transparency in supply and design, our business ethics, innovation and our workplace culture, find out what’s important to us at Afends.


Inside Afends.

Small changes create a big impact. Check out what we do internally at the Afends HQ, warehouse and concept stores to reduce our impact.



One of our biggest goals has been to put our money where our mouth is and ensure we’re following up any statement with an initiative to support every cause with the passion we spruik.


Sustainable Designs.

We’re committed to sustainability and creating a positive change within the fast-paced fashion industry, taking our time and slowing right down to the source.


Supply Chain.

At Afends we are committed to creating and developing long term partnerships with factories that share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency.


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