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Our Green Story

Cultivating Change

We’re committed to cultivating change through investing in marketing activations and sustainable practices with social, political and environmental impact.
From transparency in supply and design, our business ethics, innovation and our workplace culture, find out what’s important to us at Afends.



More than ever before, brands and retailers are being held accountable and are beginning to realise that their fashion statements need to be embodied in truth. The words are meaningless without real, tangible information.

At Afends, we know we’ve been doing a lot of good things in the way of sustainability for the past few years, however we were falling by the wayside when delivering the information that we knew and cared about to our customers.

We’ve realised we need to be here to educate as well as deliver the goods as we too see value in becoming transparent across all aspects of the business. It’s a long journey with vast amounts of research on our part, as well as informing and educating anyone we work with on why they should be more transparent too. We want to know and we want to publish our social and environmental impact from the beginning of the supply chain through to our clothes getting delivered to our customers.

Every step has an impact, and nearly every impact can be mitigated by more informed business decisions.


Our goal is to be environmentally and socio-economically sustainable in all facets of our company. From product concept to customer experience and all things in-between.

Design & Quality

We’re committed to designing, creating and delivering classically timeless and durable, high quality designs that'll last you a lifetime.


We continually strive to find innovative, eco-friendly materials and new inspiring methods of sustainable practices within the fashion industry.

Hemp Denim



We support the cultures we stand behind locally, nationwide and globally. We aim to lift up and empower our own staff and give a voice to those who are not given the opportunity. The Afends culture is an amalgamation of everything that inspires us from sustainable initiatives, up-and-coming artists and musicians to professionals in surf and skate. We’ll continue to use our brand as a pillar of support and reach for the alternative subcultures we’ve come from.

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