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Have you seen the future yet? Water is the essence of life as we know it, and we must take the lead to restore balance in our natural environment. Discover our latest collab with creative mastermind, Michael Willis. 


Our latest art capsule, created in collaboration with the talented Michael Willis, pays homage to life's most precious resource: water. Where wild and fluid patterns meet pops of arctic blue in eco-friendly recycled blends, Michaels's capsule tells a visual story about global warming expressed through a positive perspective. We recently caught up with Michael to explore the inspiration behind his artwork, catch his favourite hiking spots and hear what projects he has in the pipeline. 

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Hybrid, Ambient, Symbotic. 

We lurked your instagram - what inspires your artwork? 

Nature and technology. The conversation between the two...

You use a wide variation of techniques in your artwork. What would you say, makes it unique?

I guess it's more the transmission of ideas or an experience I'm excited by, rather than a specific technique. 

Tell us a bit about your capsule? What was the first thing that came to mind when asked to design the capsule? 

A: a celebration of life's most precious resource. 

B: a reminder to conserve life's most precious resource. 

Talk us through the artwork behind water is life? what does it evoke? 

It's a visual story about global warming expressed through a positive perspective. 

We noticed you like hiking! Any good spots to recommend to our crew?

So many great spots. If it's your first time hiking in Victoria, I'd say hit the Grampians. An amazing national park only a few hours from Melbourne/Naarm. very fun and accessible, and it's full of big weird rocks. 

Where is your favourite place in the world? 

I'm from the Uk and moved to Australia about seven years ago. Some of my favourite memories have been formed here, shooting stars at the Great Barrier Reef, wild Fraser Island, prehistoric sunsets at Mt Feathertop and Bogong... I don't think I'll ever have one favourite. 

What's your favourite emoji?


Any new projects in the pipeline?

Lots of great things coming out soon, some fun collaborations, alongside building up a new label I work as a graphic designer alongside my art practice, and I've been using a lot of AI tools recently... getting super into world building 👽. Next few years are going to be crazy!!





ARTWORK: Michael Willis



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