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Jersey And Fleece Factory

Jersey And Fleece Factory

Jersey And Fleece Factory




80% Female
20% Male




Organic Content Standard (on fabrics only)

Global Organic Textile Standards (on fabrics only)

This supplier has shown its commitment to our sustainable vision by allowing us to include them under our Scope for the Global Organic Content Standard (GOTS) and the Organic Content Standard (OCS). This is committing to annual audits that have environmental and social accountability requirements. We are currently working with them to ensure that we can support them in this auditing process.

Why We Love Them

Why We Love Them

With over 20 years of experience in knitwear garments, we have a strong ties with this global partner. They provide their employees with some incredible benefits an in-house licensed canteen that supplies fresh and healthy food from the markets daily. They have a paperless system in their production cycle and have paper and fabric management strategies to reuse waste in their factory.

Hospital Constructions

They have strong social responsibility contributing to local charities for the purpose of hospital constructions and other local initiatives.

Water Purification

With an in-house water purification system, they treat their water before reuse within their factory.

Animal Rescue

An extra perk in supporting this supplier as a global partner is their animal rescue mission. They have currently saved 16 cats and 27 dogs from being a stray or given up.

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