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Afends Presents 'In Our Nature'
October 28, 2014

Afends Presents 'In Our Nature'

"In a world of modern-day distractions the confines of manufactured culture have severed the connection to our innate desire for creative self-expression that's embedded in our human psyche. But all is not lost!! It is the creative minds, the radical thinkers, the artists and hell-men who bring us closer to the fringe where boundaries begin to dissolve. When you question everything, you walk amongst those who refuse to conform to the constructs of the status quo. Welcome to Afends Country... it’s In Our Nature. Dig deep and you'll find it in yours."

* * *

'In Our Nature' is a Short Film by Kaius Potter featuring Boyd Young, Robert 'Maca' Macalister and introducing Daniel Bones.

Our focus was to take skating away from its typical context of the concrete urban-sprawl, leaving the mundane behind and becoming at one with the hinterlands of our Afends Country surroundings. 

Venturing in-land from the rainbow region we embarked on an exploration for surreal environments. What we discovered was a Utopian paradise of graffiti-trashed rusted ramps, encompassed by teepees, mechanical relics and isolated mountain outlooks. 

Shot in a single afternoon our ragtag gang of skaters, artists + extended family members commandeered the isolated transitions and transformed them into a playground of recreational mayhem. It was our blank canvas where rules didn't apply & the dreamers were allowed to believe once more... 

The final result is a cross pollination of pop culture where french fries meets 360-flips and flares alight the forest. We came, we created and destroyed!! Welcome to the land of godforsaken lunacy...


Photography by our master of 35mm film Sam Nolan with videography by Kaius Potter, Maria Bui & Toby Cregan. 

With thanks to Feeling Dave, Stone & Wood and Trouty for bringing the positive vibrations.

Music by Zeahorse - Spider Stole My Fungus []


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