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Waxhead - Live From The Greenroom

Waxhead - Live From The Greenroom



There’s no denying the intrinsic link that exists between Surfing and Music… The rhythm and flow it takes to play an instrument seems to translate perfectly to the coordination and style it takes to ride a wave. This is basis of Surfstich's new segment, Live From The Greenroom – a chance for us to hero those musical acts that are firmly grounded in the discourse of surf. Those multi-talented individuals whose surfing shapes their music and whose music shapes their surfing… Welcome to Episode 3, featuring WAXHEAD


Hailing from the shores of Byron Bay, the 4 piece band are far from your average, run at the mill group of musicians. Their psychedelic, surf rock approach breathes life into each and every grungy indie rock tune, helping to both symbolise their individual identity in the industry and showcase their retro surf inspired roots, which in turn, all link together perfectly to bless your very own ears.




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