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Time to Burn: Skate Team does Melbourne.
June 07, 2018

Time to Burn: Skate Team does Melbourne.



"Skaters by their very nature are urban guerillas: they make everyday use of the useless artifacts of the technological burden, and employ the handiwork of the government/corporate structure in a thousand ways that the original architects could never dream of." – Craig Stecyk 1976


Once again we sent our ever-wholesome skate team on a super professional trip to the bustling streets of Melbourne, Australia, to put our latest Winter range through a series of expert tests. With videographer James James and photographer Wade McLaughlin in tow, the boys skated, drank and smoked their way through the asphalt jungle in key focal pieces & fitting graphics: Beware of the Dogs crew, the Apocalyptic Denial & Time to Burn tees & the Humble polo, because if there’s one thing we know for sure, these boys are humble.


It’s safe to say they put the range through the wringer, and we’re proud of their hard work & commitment. Above, you can grab a slice of the experience curated by James James and below, we’ve pieced together the bits we can show you provided by our mate Wade McLaughlin.



Directed by AFENDS & JAMES JAMES, Words by AFENDS – Photography by @wademclaughlin



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