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Hemp is for the People.
May 19, 2020

Hemp is for the People.

We’ve spent years researching hemp, our favourite eco-friendly fabric alternative that’s been largely dismissed due to outdated, and sometimes hilarious in retrospect, propaganda. The more we learnt, the more we realised that Hemp is unequivocally a way of the future and is the fibre for the people.




At the same time, denim has always been a staple for us, starting with the first pair of jeans we ever made: the iconic Junky jeans. As we take further steps toward a sustainable future by expanding our hemp and organics range, denim was high up on the list of things to tackle. We began experimenting to see just what we could come up with, and the results are in. Being entirely made for the people and boasting sustainable and economical properties, we're proud to present our first ever collection of Hemp Denim.  To acquaint you with the range, we rolled a few numbers, hit the road with a bunch of mates and spent the afternoon sinking tinnies and soaking up the last of the sun in our buttery soft denim. So roll another number, get your feet off the ground and stand on the sound of open-heart people goin’ down.








Photographer : Ming Nomchong @ming_nomchong_photo

Video Editor : Kai Neville @kaineville

Videographer : Nick Parkinson @nparko

Music By :  Sunrose @sunrosemusic

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