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Cats On Acid

Cats On Acid

Who is JS? Well, who really knows - what we do know is that he has been an Afends team rider for the past 13 years and a long-time mate of the brand. If the name JS rings a bell, that’s probably because you’ve seen his face in many of our surf movies. From our latest one Sun Strooked shot in South Sumatra, way back to Toby Cregan’s creation Vortex Bandits in 2013 and just about everyone in between. 

He’s always been a creative, but it has taken this long for him to come out of the cabin and put together his virgin capsule collection. Cats on Acid was inspired by his alter-ego and pet cat which were pretty sure he traded in for a new puppy. He doesn’t necessarily have a style, but when we picked his scrambled brain, he did say one day he felt inspired when he was lost in the bush chasing a make-believe drop bear? Yeah, we’re not too sure either. He thought he was chasing his pet dog and when he realised it was a drop bear, he had a flashbulb moment before the bear swiped at his leg. To cut the story short, he managed to escape, and the rest is history. Enjoy these mind-altering designs and let our trippiest collection to date take you to a parallel universe.

What have you been doing in 2020?

Can you tell us about your inspo behind the artwork?

How did you come up with Cats On Acid?

What's your favourite piece from the capsule?

We heard you had some pets, could you draw them for us? 


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