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Broadcasting Good Vibes: Fries Taillieu
March 07, 2018

Broadcasting Good Vibes: Fries Taillieu



"Fries and I met in New Delhi, it was his first time to India. I'd spent a bit of time there before, which is what sparked the idea for the trip. We spent five days skating around the city of New Delhi, waking up at 5am and finishing our days around 11am before the city was too crowded and all the spots were literally impossible to skate. I think the reality of being in India, and for Fries it was his first real experience in a third world setting, caught up to us, because around the sixth day of the trip we were both completely ill and restricted to our room." - Kaius Potter 


Shot on location in India, we went deep with Fries Taillieu venturing way out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. To watch the entire Broadcasting Good Vibes film, head to the Features Page at - Enjoy!




Question Everything Productions - Afends @afends
Directed by Kaius Potter @kaiuspotter
Team Rider: Fries Taillieu @friestailieu

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