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2017January 04, 2018



Well, damn. 2017 has come & gone, and now it’s all said and done at least we can all look back and say ….goddamn. What the fuck just happened?

On an international scale, it’s safe to say shit’s been wild. The world was hit with the Trump Time Machine which took most of us back a good twenty years, some insane weather systems (don’t worry but, there’s no such thing as climate change) and of course, mother fucking bitcoin (you don’t know?????).

Of course, some bloody amazing things have happened too. Here in Australia, after a bit of a fuckaround, it was good to see our fine country flip the bird to the top-dog and step in to the 21st century with the legalisation of gay marriage and medicinal marijuana.

For us personally here at Afends, we took great joy in leading the way & breaking new ground in Hemp Fashion, and it’s fucking great to see fellow brands jumping on the bandwagon and starting to create & promote Hemp too. The more brands who move in to eco-friendly clothing means less waste and less domination by careless, excessive & uneconomical fast fashion sites.

We travelled countless countries with local and international mates to create some epic campaigns, put on new team riders as we continue to grow our surf & skate teams, launched a feature film, opened a new store but most of all - fuck we had fun!!!

Check out our highlights of the year below!

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