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Best of 2016

Best of 2016



Ok, so maybe 2016 wasn't the best of years, after all we did lose Lemmy, David Bowie and Prince, ended up with trump as president and watched the UK effectively eject itself from Europe, but over here at Afends, things were just dandy. 



Our team went on their usual worldly travels, ending up in India, America, Portugal & Austria, just to name a few. We chuffed along with our hemp revolution and hit our ten year milestone! We managed to pump out four great collections, a ten year book, countless videos and campaigns and you know what the best part of all the was... YOU! You are the reason we are still here, still trying to make great things and do even better things! So here's to you, you've all made this year pretty great and we think you're all a bunch of bloody legend!


Now go and have a beer for the New Year and cheers to us, we'll sure as hell be cheers-ing to you! Here's a few of our favourite moments from 2016!


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