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Bee Here Now.

Bee Here Now.

Summer is befittingly here and at Afends we are basking in the soft haze of our latest campaign, Bee Here Now. A collection inspired by the female force that is mother nature, think raw whites, rich blue denim, organic earthy tones intermixed with some playful pink plaid. A beautiful contradiction, this range is exactly that, a spectrum collection, clustered with effortless cohesion.


We empathise with that never-ending nostalgia for summer’s past, but Bee Here Now is all about existing in the moment, a skill nowadays, but a worthy one that is best served in harmony with the golden old days. With this in mind, we headed to our neighbours up at Brunswick Heads with beach blonde honey Bridgette Cooper, fittingly a new age image of the namesake, Bardot, to capture the quintessential Aussie summer. The Sails Motel, Brunz’s answer to Palm Springs’ infamous Ace, was the ideal backdrop to be captured entirely on film by local legend, Tess Leopold. Cooper, clad in mod dresses, bucket hats and docs (of course) certainly encapsulated this girly gumption.

A special addition to this collection is the Afends x Lord Newry artist series, including three epic graphic tees. Newry's deep connection and knowledge of the natural world is beyond. Her work illustrates the complexity of human and plant relations and the vitality of simplifying this relationship for the sake of both sides. Leopold interprets the spirit of Newry's passion angling Cooper in some bold stances, channelling some serious flower power going hand in hand with our ever-growing eco-friendly ethos.

Brunswick’s bare beaches also helped to remind us of what is important today. The raw scenery we have on our doorstep here at Afends is something to be appreciated and protected. With many new hemp pieces appearing in this collection, we are continuing to value sustainability, whilst maintaining our edge, a signature of Afends. Be Here Now is a result of this thinking, learning from the past, truly relishing what we have at this point in time and making waves for what is next…but for now, here we are Summer ’19.





Locations: Brunswick Heads @thesailsmotel @lacasita.brunswick
Photographer: @tessleopold_
Video: @claudiaxrose Model: @beecooper 


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