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Our new hemp artist series created in collaboration with Brendon Ginnane celebrates the mystical powers of hemp for the latest edition of Create Not Destroy [VOL. 12].

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Strip back from the stresses of modern technology and enjoy something a little more natural with this hemp based art capsule featuring forward print techniques, alternative washes and lo-fi art prints in a collection of graphic tees, long sleeves, hoodies and boardies. Brendon ventured out to the hinterland of the sunshine coast to shoot our capsule among nature and we caught up with him to chat about our collaboration.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm an art director and graphic designer living on the sunshine coast.

Moved up a few years ago from Sydney and am now burrowed in like a tick. I'm not moving anywhere.. it is PARADISE!

What makes you feel inspired? 

Lots of things! But inspiration for me is usually found through an experience rather than from a digital landscape. Computers and phones are good, but being outside or with people is better.

What's your favourite thing to do on a day off? 

Go out west from the coast, check out cowboy cars, have a bushwalk and a counter meal at the pub.

Talk us through the artwork you created for our capsule, Beautiful Weeds?

I like that Afends uses a lot of hemp in their collections so I based it all the art around the

theme of a weed. Steering away from 'stoner, weed, 420 friendly bro art' I pushed it towards the idea of 'Beautiful Weeds' and weed being a form of 'Natural Technology'

What's your favourite piece of art you have created? 

Hard to say... but a real highlight was a woven tapestry of a latex bondage boot splitting an ecstasy pill. Ha that was great, I think that was 2013?. It was for a friends art show. Let me find a picture for you.

What was the highlight of designing this capsule with Afends?

Working with a good team and the freedom to experiment. There was no set destination for where the artwork needed to land either which was a nice change :)

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Artwork by @b.g.studi0

Photography by @ainsleyhutchence

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