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Almost Famous

Almost Famous

As we lead into the festival season we take a look back, reviving the most influential aspects of our generation.

The alternate cultures that took shape, film nostalgia from the likes of Almost Famous and the music scene. Whether it be the counterculture movement of the Diggers of Haight-Ashbury, or the rock and roll philosophy that followed, we reflect on culture and focus on the key message, “What you give is what you take away”.

Get on-board as we fly through a visual playground, drawing inspiration from the decades. The mind-expanding Seventies, the out-there Eighties and the eclectic Nineties serving as a platform & foundation for inspiration while the early two-thousands were lost in translation. Our last ten years have seen a retro revival balanced by a new generation’s timeless classics.

So as we give you a glimpse of the decades, take your pick of these Afends festival favourites and embrace the best of the ages.




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