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Tito Lavole

Tito Lavole

One hungover morning in summer we stumbled down to our favourite not so secret sandbar a touch north of Hossegor. And our weary, bloodshot eyes were met with Tito sending it into the flats with a flagrant disregard for his ankles, knees and general personal safety. Literally blowing every other fluro neoprene clad, entitled kid out the water.

We dug deeper. He hails from the windswept but immensely punt-able island of Guadeloupe in the French Caribbean.

We have a healthy penchant for the underdog and Tito encapsulates that perfectly. A couple of years down the line, although now stickered up (courtesy of Afends) he’s been a most productive underdog; grinding in-between studies, gigs and the all-important 'joie de vivre’’. Living down south with his best mate, and Afends lord, Jai Walsh - the duo are a whirlwind of surf, music & lordies.

 Hello Tito, and long live underdogs everywhere.





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