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afendsApril 09, 2015


Welcome to the Family! 

Garrett, like us, is born and bred Byron Bay produce. Once the long haired ratty local grom Garrett grew (a bit) in to one of Australia's most promising up and coming ocean men. 

With Byron localism comes beautiful beaches and the towns solid punk and hardcore sub culture that have moulded Garrett in the the shredder he is. A true all round waves-man from tube riding to belting the back out glassy rollers to punting like a mad man. Garrett's a true shredder and we've welcomed him into our family with open arms. Keep doing the good thing, man!

Watch the video below of Garrett, whose style is peppered with lay-back steeze and tube-riding finesse. Highlights include the quick-feet at 29 seconds and the lengthy drainer at 1:56.

Filmed and edited by Harry Triglone


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