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We here at Afends are way too busy trying to save the world, so we will let Stab do all the talking for us, about our product. (Very, very busy) Read the full article here. Words by Ali Klinkenberg.

The world’s first 100 percent Hemp trunks are here ladies and gentlemen. If anyone should dispute this then speak now or forever hold your peace (actually, hold your peace, you incessant know-it-alls) and, fittingly, they come from Byron Bay. The land of plenty bud. Afends is a Byron company through and through, so it’s only organic that they’re the ones passing this hemp joint around. But, here’s the thing: Hemp’s totally surf practical! And, it’s completely sustainable. There’s nothing quite like a novelty that turns out to be game changer.

Hemp used to be totally everywhere. It was used to make rope and sails; in fact, the word ‘canvas’ is rooted in ‘cannabis.’ And that’s not all! More fun facts: Alice in Wonderland was originally printed on hemp paper and author Lewis Carroll was a frequent marijuana smoker (that’s not massively surprising “Why is a raven like a writing desk?”) and, the original Levi Strauss jeans were made from hemp. Have I mentioned how much I love Wikipedia? Marijuana really is a wonder-filled little plant though. Now, like most surfing males of my demographic, the train of my marijuana use has left the proverbial station. Your ganja years are generally behind you at 25, but, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a nostalgic skip down memory lane every now and again. It sure was a beautifully hazy time. The sustainability angle is here to stay however, and these hemp specials are a real, viable option towards the garment makers of surfing making a step in the right direction.

The forward thinking devils at Afends have found a fun, practical way to love the herb without toasting your brain cells. Don’t call this a revolution. We had to ask the obvious question regarding high? Own supply? And, the Afends boys answered with gusto!

“Industrial hemp has a THC content of between 0.05 and 1 percent. Marijuana has a THC content between three and 20 percent. To receive a standard psychoactive dose would require a person to power-smoke 10-12 hemp joints over an extremely short period of time. So unfortunately we don’t get high on our own supply…”

What’s real however, is the surf practicality of these Hemp darlings. The trunks are Afends’ organic alternative to the super-dooper hyper stretch of the big co’s. They breathe, flex, and won’t go mouldy and smell. And, when purchasing the trunks you’re helping free mother earth from nasty pesticides and ‘erbasides. It’s all round positive vibrations!

Flex the Amex at the Afends portal, here. Also keep those peepers peeled for the full length Hemp documentary, coming September 1.

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